From medieval to modern
From medieval to modern

About Us

About Us

The Continental Forum Hotel is a 4 star hotel in Sibiu and a place that marked the end of the inn era in medieval and early modern hotel industry. The building, which is a silent witness to history the city had more than 5 names over time: “At Bila Gold” or “Avenue”, “Habermann” , “Europe” and the name today: “Continental Forum” .

In 1853 , it was inaugurated on the first floor of the hotel ” The Golden Ball” the first telegraph in the city. Then we find the same hotel as “Habermann” . It develops a new wing and will be renamed the “Avenue” .

In 1914 , the Orthodox Church took over the building and remodeled it by building a third annex, prolonging the hotel to the intersection of streets Saguna and Bălcescu.

The new hotel will be called during the ` 30 -`40 , ” Europe”. During the communist times, it will be renamed “Avenue”, a name which will keep until 2007, when it was took over by the international chain Continental Hotels and becomes the 4 star hotel in Sibiu”Continental Forum”.

Continental Forum Hotel building is impressive classicist , but suffered major changes. We know that the Habermann House was built between 1876 – 1877, being seated on Bretter , which at that time was the largest promenade with pedestrian traffic of the city.

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Cancellation Policy and Travel Flexibility

All reservations scheduled for arrival before May 31st can be changed or cancelled without penalty.

All reservations scheduled for arrival upon June 1st can be changed at no charge for any time, before the end of 2021, upon availability.

The availability of foodservice and other amenities are temporarily restricted.

The preventive measures taken to safeguard guests and employees.