A city full of culture
A city full of culture

A medieval town that lives through culture

A medieval town that lives through culture

Sibiu is the perfect destination for tourists who want to relax and are looking for a quiet holiday. The city is full of culture, abundant in architectural styles that blend harmoniously.

A visit to the National Museum Brukenthal gives you a fascinating journey through time. The Palace museum was built by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal and is one of Sibiu’s main architectural masterpieces.

The museum also hosts pieces of art of famous artists such as the Jan van Eyck, Antonello da Messina, Hans Memling, Lorenzo Lotto, Pieter Bruegel, Franz Neuhauser, Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza and Corneliu Baba.

If you are passionate about art, there are a few other places that you cannot miss if you arrive in Sibiu. These include the  Altemberger Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of the History of Pharmacy and the Museum of Hunting “August von Spiess”.

As a tourist arrived in Sibiu, you must surely check in to the Small and Large Square and Huet Square. You also should not miss the extraordinary panorama that you can see the from the Tower Hall.

By walk you can admire the Baroque or Gothic buildings, narrow streets designed in a medieval style, colors and all features that give the place its unique authenticity.

Besides abundant wealth of cultural heritage, Sibiu hosts many cultural events, that you can take part during your stay here.

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