Life is sweet
Life is sweet




The term “Tekaffe” comes from German which joins the main products we offer: tea – tee and coffee – kaffe. Tekaffe Sibiu is the place that you’re tempted to stop and savor an aromatic coffee , dessert or fresh fragrant tea .

We offer an extensive menu for all tastes. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a wide range of delicious pastries: muffins, croissants and scones.

The house cakes are irresistible: mini cake with nuts and coffee, mini lemon cake, cookies, raspberry frutissima, coffee or chocolate mousse cakes and more.

Tekaffe Sibiu offers its customers the ability to choose the desired type of coffee: Arabica, Robusta or a combination of both types to enjoy a custom drink. The menu brings together over 125 dishes, of which 30 are coffee and coffee-based drinks and 20 different combinations of teas.

The coffee-based preparations may be accompanied by milk , chocolate, caramel, cream, coffee liqueur or brandy, depending on the recipe.

The tea selection is also diversified. You can enjoy a hot black tea with cream or honey or green scotch and rum and honey. The menu includes cold teas perfect in the sunny days of summer.

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Phone number: 0372 692 669


Among the delicious products we offer at Tekaffe, we have several products that we especially invite you to taste whether new customer or returning in our Cafe. So we start with a delicious combination of coffee and chocolate, called “coffee house” – double espresso, milk, chocolate and cream. The second star is the “coffee nudge ” – espresso, brandy, coffee liqueur, cream and cocoa “Caramel Frappe “. Try them and you will certainly return to Tekaffe.

Our own laboratory

Our products are made in our laboratory by skilled and experienced confectioners. Do not be afraid of food additives, we use only natural ingredients of the highest quality.


All the cakes are made on demand and also bakery products can be customized according to any customer wishes. We can make custom cakes for a wide range of special events.

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