Care for your wishes
Care for your wishes

Restaurants & Events

Restaurants and Events

At Continental Forum Sibiu you will find the finest restaurant in Sibiu, the Balkan Bistro, the first Balcanic Restaurant in Romania. Also, the Tekaffe where you can sample various pastries , cakes house or beverages of coffee and a snack bar and a wide range of cocktails .

Our hotel offers several lounges for events, where you can organize weddings and baptisms or corporate events, like conferences and meetings.

To have a perfect event, be it a private or corporate one, all preparations will be coordinated by one of our event managers.

So, if looking for a fine restaurant in Sibiu or a place to host your private and corporate events, the Continental Hotel is an excellent choice.

Our qualified staff will advise you both on location and choosing the menu.

The mezzanine lounges and Balkan Bistro restaurant with terrace, are the best options for all types of events, perfectly adaptable to any needs. In our salons events can take place with a number between 20 and 200 participants.

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