The spectacle of medieval architecture
The spectacle of medieval architecture

Tourist Attractions

Local Attractions

Sibiu is an amazing place to visit full of traditions, with many tourist attractions. The place has a special charm because of its cultural heritage, nature, biodiversity and culinary riches. The Continental Hotel is a city center hotel Sibiu that will bring you close to all these wonders.

A simple walk through the historic center is special due to the bohemian air given by the historic buildings and medieval architecture. The fortified churches of Sibiu are also some of the points that should not be missed when visiting the city, as well as the Stairs Passage that connected sometime ago Upper Town and Lower Town.

The medieval streets of Sibiu are also the host of many local events and art performances and events, such as the International Theatre Festival. Another event of considerable importance is the International Jazz Festival.

Sibiu is the place where art and beauty lovers are always welcomed and will charm you with it’s air of calm and serenity. So, check in at our city center hotel in Sibiu and get access to all of these venues.

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