Sibiu Borders

In Sibiu there are several counties: Sibiu Borders, The Olt County,  Hârtibaciului Valley, Târnavelor and Secaşelor County. The surrounding rural settlements have a special charm being dominated by the spirit of Transylvania. The warmth of the people and their way of life give added value to the place, the landscape is detached from chronicles depicting the rural life of the past.

People’s habits are based on tradition that has been well preserved in this area. Among the crafts of ancestors are preserved farming and sheep breeding, transhumance is one of the processes that have built local identity. Locals having this way of life take their flocks in the plains just like their ancestors did hundread of years ago. Tourists have the opportunity to observe all of these activities can even participate. In every region of our country, traditions are kept with pride, especially the traditional cuisine.

Tourists are invited to participate in tastings of cheeses that are produced by special processes lasting for hundreads of years, passed from one generation to another.

To complete the experience guests can enjoy a picnic in the wild and enjoy traditional dishes and the splendor of the landscape at the same time.

The arts and crafts are well represented in the Boarders of Sibiu. You can watch collections of icons painted on glass and art collections of the local craftsmen.

Tourists can really experience the local adventure and way of life through normal activities, food, work and traditional carriage rides.